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 Your Knowledge Partner In Pivotal Decision Making

KPIED is knowledge partner for growth-oriented business companies. We bring sustainable solutions & market intelligence to your firm; which is leveraged to propel business growth. We aim to bring value beyond research reports.

We understand every business needs and requirements are different, therefore, KPIED offers tailored made assignments as per client's needs.

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Company Profile

KPIED, as our name suggest Knowledge with Pi our research is fact based qualitative and quantitative research established by accepted mathematical methods.

Founded by professionals with rich technical experience in Sales, Marketing, Intellectual Property, Business Intelligence & Product Portfolio Management who have professional experience in India's best companies to work with. We provide seamless practical business engagement solutions to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Value Partners

  • A Facilitator of Comprehensive Marketing and IP services.
  • A Research Support for portfolio and market selection.
  • A Bridge between India and International markets for Consulting Services.

Value Generators

By creating measurable impact between your Business Goals with Market Realities .

Our experts evaluate technology partnerships between companies, study changing global technologies, market regulations to support Client’s strategic decision-making.

Solution Provider

We assess products from inception to launch based on our Business Research coverage which includes wide-ranged or in niche categories, custom-made as per Client’s projects and custom-delivered as per Client’s convenience.

Seamless Engagement 

Our 3-phase engagement model, from Planning through Execution followed by Effectiveness-Checks; enables us to better fulfill Client expectations.