Your Knowledge Partner In Pivotal Decision Making


Your Service Partner

It is crucial to derive workable knowledge from factual data sets with precision. We provides an array of quality analysis market tailored to meet the required business model. We map market shifts and opportunities linked with the product. KPIED provides data based strategy focusing on effective alignment of R&D, IP, and Business strategies and lays the basic foundation for development. For growing and emerging companies we are the apt knowledge partners in strengthening, evaluating strategies best suited for your future capital investments. Crucial to business functioning are the agreements to facilitate not only ensure proper process flow but also the protection of innovation. 



Research Support for portfolio selection and management. Bridge between India and International markets for Consulting Services.


Technology Evaluation

If you want to improve performance through building new vigilance systems for better decision making.  We help you to stay updated with the upcoming technology and trends in the region and global market space.


Risk Analysis

Change the trajectory of your business with effective risk management.


Project Management

Forecast, assess, quantify, and manage project associated risk.


Intellectual Property

Building strong Strategy based on IP Intelligence, Landscaping, Competitive Mapping, Benchmarking and Gap Analysis.



Ideation & Innovation

Aiding to your growth right from ideation stage to strategy and planning. Guiding through right contract drafting to execution.


Bringing values to our customers



Our team have a systematic approach to analyze products and services to aid in the decision making by helping clients to identify most profitable lines of business. We provide quality evaluations based on published data and backed by intense competitive intelligence to aid in most realistic financial analysis. We also train your staff to stay as dynamic as market  is.




This invaluable information can be used to focus your resources to timely achieve targets. KPIED employs tried and tested IP evaluation techniques and strategies that will lay the groundwork for business potential.

We compare and map our clients’ core business and their aspirations with their peers in the market and probable competition in the future through facts and metrics on various parameters.




 KPIED considers each and every aspect of law, rights, scope, and liabilities & remedies so that an agreement is supporting to business decisions and growth. 





Provide transformation to innovation driven companies




Case Studies

Technologies and Platforms     

A Startup operational in the area of integrating technology for advances in agriculture had developed a hydrophonic system. We were approached with a standalone request for patent filing. Based on our evaluation of his current innovation & its limitation, strategy and marketing, we recommended and filled multiple patents and trademarks for holistic IP protection. Kpied's service is helping client in promotion of his product and services across Indian and International markets.

Business Value Realization

Drug-discovery startup focused in dermatology domain engaged Kpied for its market forecast service in estimation of market size of an indication under trial. The main challenge of  market size estimation was lack of available data and highly fragmented market. Further, various treatment modalities are used in the treatment of this indication. Our report helped the client determine potential market size and prioritize market entry strategies and strategic decisions for product development.  

Innovation and Asset Building 

A turnkey solutions provider developed an innovative process in the field of nutraceuticals. The said process has significant implications on manufacturing process and related environmental issues. The client needed a prompt action to back him for subsequent licensing opportunity. The urgent nature of the requirement reflected on the billion dollar Nutraceutical industry. Mindful of the lucrative opportunity we provided core IP support. Client is now successfully exercising IP protection while monetizing his invention. 



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